Waterfall vs Agile Details

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The image below shows the traditional “waterfall” methodology which attempts to define the entire scope and functionality of a project before beginning any development, contrasted with the “agile” methodology which rapidly develops a prototype, capturing the most important parts first, then refining it through several small iterations.

Comparison Graph of Waterfall vs Agile Development Methodologies
Comparison Graph of Waterfall vs Agile Development Methodologies

The “agile” process I use goes like this:
– We discuss the overall scope of your project and clarify what your website should do.
– We decide on the initial look and feel and “must have” features, images and other content.
– I rapidly “craft” a prototype on a temporary site so we have something tangible to look at.
– You have a chance to play with the prototype and get familiar with the system.
– We analyze the prototype and make a list of changes or additional features you want.
– I implement those changes on the temporary site.
– Repeat until all essential features are proven to work.
– Do some training and get you comfortable with the administration of your site.
– Make the site live under your domain name, let search engines find you and verify that everything works as planned.
– We celebrate!

In order to do this quickly and make everything work right for a fixed cost , I must limit the plugin and theme choices to those that are designed well and are proven to work well. You may not get everything on your wish list in the first version, but it will do what you want. Then as you work with your site and customers and get feedback, new ideas emerge which we will implement during another cycle of refinement …. when you are ready.

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