Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 'Agile'?

“Agile” in the context of software engineering is about:

  • Short development and implementation cycles
  • Collaboration and regular feedback
  • Doing the most important things first
  • Never getting too far off course (saves time and money)

What this means for your website is:

  • You win by getting your site up, looking good and doing what it needs to do.
  • Your customers or community wins because we have created something of value that people want.
  • Low risk because your site is up and running quickly and gets better after every cycle.

How much does it cost?

I charge $25 per hour for actual documented work on your website.

However, that’s only after we’ve put a plan together:

  1. You fill in the free and easy get-started form.
  2. I read that, do some research, and maybe ask for clarification on a point or two.
  3. We meet somewhere and sketch out how to move forward and make the first phase happen.
  4. I quickly put together an overview project plan with costs and hopefully some reasonable dates.
  5. You look that over and ask for clarification if necessary.

All the above is the free initial consultation. Then if you want to go ahead, I’ll go to work for you and start the clock 🕗

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